Chapter 256: The Black Witch’s Gift

Chapter 256: The Black Witch’s Gift

“Just who do you think you are? Even the most handsome me cannot possibly learn a skill of this level within two hours. The method of invoking this skill is just too different from our methods of invoking skills today.”

“But considering your intelligence, you probably won’t understand unless you try it yourself.”

By this point, Stingham was already tired of ridiculing Ayrin as his eyes firmly fixated on the skull shaped candelabrum made from red crystal, clearly showing his desire for it. “Teacher Rui, this skull seems to be rather unordinary. What kind of powerful amplification artifact is it?”

“This is the Magus Era’s most common gem, the Red Lizard Gem. It has a certain ability to help with relieving fatigue and condensing arcane particles.” Rui shook his head as he continued, “It’s not a powerful amplification artifact.”

“Is there anything else left?” Stingham seemed to immediately lose interest in the red crystal skull following Rui’s explanation. “Teacher...

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