Chapter 255: Necromancy Skill of the Black Witches!

Chapter 255: Necromancy Skill of the Black Witches!

“It’s an old Black Witch dwelling!” Rui said in a trembling voice.

“Teacher, why don’t you rest for a while. You must have been injured pretty heavily, for even your voice is trembling,” Ayrin said in a concerned manner as he gazed at Rui.

“Idiot…” Stingham looked at Ayrin with contempt as he said, “Teacher Rui is clearly just a little thirsty.”


It was complete silence as everyone nearly faceplanted into the ground.

“You idiot! Is your only purpose on our team to crack jokes and look stupid?!”

Rinloran was at a loss of words as he glared at Stingham, “Do think at it’s every day that an arcane team can discover a Black Witch dwelling from the Magus Era?”

“This house is from the Magus Era?” Ayrin felt sweat cover his forehead as he heard Rinloran’s words.

Even he, who had grown up in a small town like Cororin, knew very clearly that the Magus Era referred to the chaotic time period following the Era of the War with Dragons.

During that era, various beliefs had sprung up all over the place as many so called magi led people astray through...

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