Chapter 254: A Shocking Discovery

Chapter 254: A Shocking Discovery

“Boss Fire Caracal Lord, just where are you taking us?!”

Although the arcane energy around them defended them from the collisions, having to stick to a giant beast as it madly crashed through a forest was still quite an experience. As Stingham saw all the strange and bizarre plants flying at him, he couldn’t help but feel queasy and shout to vent his emotions.

“You idiot, just shut up already! You’ve been screaming for a full ten minutes already!” Rinloran couldn’t endure it any longer as he swore at Stingham.

Stingham screamed back, “Why don’t you come here and hold on to the underside of its neck! Ack, it’s saliva is about to drip on me!”

Rinloran suddenly became a little bit hysterical as he shouted, “Why are your feet on me?!”

“Stop fighting. You guys are quite lucky,” Ayrin suddenly interjected in a dejected manner, “I’ve over here by its ass. I really hope boss Fire Caracal Lord doesn’t suddenly release a fart like the Skunk Devil.”

“Ah?” Stingham stared blankly towards the Fire Caracal’s...

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