Chapter 251: A Banquet of Domains

Chapter 251: A Banquet of Domains

“That attack, how can he survive?!”

Christine also believed Ayrin had died from strike as she felt a cold sweat cover her body.

“Owwww! It hurts! So strong! Not even Dragon Scale Absorption could block it all…”

At this moment, Ayrin himself felt like he was on the verge of death as he blindly flew through the forest and crashed to the ground. He felt as if his entire body was burning as a terrifying arcane energy tightly enveloped his body and tried to penetrate further into his body.

But at the same time, Ayrin could sense countless arcane particles emerging and surging into his arcane gates as he exclaimed, “So many arcane particles!”

“The Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s strength lies in the damage over time effects of its arcane skills…”

Ayrin had a sudden realization as arcane particles continuously entered his arcane gates. To others, the Poisonous Nighthawk Lord’s attacks were just simple damage over time attack. There was nothing special. But to Ayrin himself, these attacks were like...

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