Chapter 249: A Seemingly Unreliable Team

Chapter 249: A Seemingly Unreliable Team

“They’re allies!”

Ayrin immediately put Rui on his back and swiftly made his way towards the two figures alongside Rinloran and Stingham.

“It’s you guys?”

As Ayrin approached, he quickly recognized the two fleeing figures. It was the tall captain boy and demure girl of the House Eclipse Moon arcane team which had come looking for him in Eichemalar.

Their faces were currently grim and full of killing intent.

“You should have agreed to cooperate with us in Eichemalar!”

As they desperately fled, the tall captain turned his head and roared at Ayrin, “From the moment you decided to clash with House Baratheon, you have already become House Baratheon’s mortal enemy. Considering their house’s behaviors and methods, any kindness you show them will only be repaid by your death!”

“But shouldn’t we be focusing all of our energies on the Evil Dragon Followers right now? The Evil Dragon Followers are the enemies of all arcane masters!”

Ayrin looked back at the two House Eclipse Moon arcane masters as he continued, “I can’t believe...

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