Chapter 247: Deception of a Five Gate Arcane Master

Chapter 247: Deception of a Five Gate Arcane Master

“An arcane master of House Eclipse Moon…”

Rinloran’s face suddenly froze as if it had been covered by a layer of frost.

The environment of the forest in which members of House Eclipse Moon resided and trained in was no less savage than the Southam Demon Forest, so House Eclispe Moon arcane masters should feel at home here.

Only a terrifying existence would be able to kill a House Eclipse Moon arcane master here.

“How did you end up here? And how did you discover this House Eclipse Moon arcane master?”

Complex emotions began to emerge atop Rui’s previously emotionless face.

For Ayrin, the point of these missions was very simple and straightforward. He was to complete as many as possible so that he could win the national tournament alongside his teammates.

But Rui knew that these missions were more than that. They would also decide the fate of Doraster. Only if every single one of the many arcane teams strived to accomplish their missions, and only if the encirclement...

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