Chapter 246: Stingham’s Inventiveness, The Call of Death

Chapter 246: Stingham’s Inventiveness, The Call of Death

“This one’s face won’t also transform will it?” Ayrin blankly said as he looked at the huge creature which had just appeared before him.

The monstrous beast chasing after Stingham was literally a giant ostrich, only with a crown of colourful feathers atop its head.

“Poisonous Nighthawk Lord!”

Rinloran once again felt killing intent towards Stingham surge within his heart as he shouted, “Stingham, you idiot, are you a special monster bait or something?! How did you manage to attract another giant beast?!”

“Is there a bait as handsome as me in this world?!” Stingham quickly replied. It seemed like he wanted to say more but stopped as the two beasts completely encircled them.

Powerful arcane energy fluctuations rippled all around them as abnormal rings of light formed.

“Don’t make any rash moves!” In this tense moment where even breathing had become difficult, Rui’s quiet voice entered their ears.

Ayrin helplessly asked, “Teacher Rui, just what are they waiting for?”

“For beasts of a certain level, they are called Lords. There...

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