Chapter 245: The Devil Forest’s Gift, Beset from Both Sides

Chapter 245: The Devil Forest’s Gift, Beset from Both Sides

“Teacher Rui, what kind of person is Plague Bishop Ancenoli?” Ayrin asked out of curiosity as he followed Rui through the Southam Demon Forest at a high speed. [1. Ancenoli was already used so I will keep it, changed from Angelo in previous chapter.]

“He is the son of a medicinal master. He had an ordinary human bloodline, but during one of his lower level missions, he suddenly came across Vangeli’s Codex of Plagues from the Era of the War with Dragons. Vangeli was one of the peak arcane masters during her time and was nicknamed the Queen of Plagues. Her Codex of Plague, also known as the Emperor Pestilence Lizard’s Devil Box, is made from the demon crystal of a giant lizard with a mutated bloodline. Not only does it have the same strength amplification effect as an artifact created from a dragon or demonic crystal, but some of the bloodline remaining within the codex can be stimulated using a specific arcane energy, creating an extremely infectious and fatal plague.”

Whilst carefully observing their surroundings for any movements, Rui whispered extremely...

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