Chapter 244: A New Mission and Nolan’s Warning

Chapter 244: A New Mission and Nolan’s Warning

“They’re here!”

It was early evening when the Shadowfiend Corps valley outpost finally welcomed the arrival of long-awaited reinforcements and the medical team responsible for transporting the injured.

Considering the number of healthy arcane masters remaining within the outpost, this new squad of twenty arcane masters seemed incredibly majestic as they entered the valley.

“Nolan? Sarina?” Ayrin shouted in surprise upon seeing two familiar faces within the crowd as he excitedly ran forwards to greet them.

“Nathan?” [1. Originally Nason (first appears chapter 195)]

As Ayrin approached, he realized that he also knew the person beside Nolan and Sarina. It was Nathan, the member of Silver Trout Academy’s team who used the Tyrant Eye and had beaten Rinloran offstage during the competition.

“Ayrin, Rinloran, how come you are here?”

Nolan, Sarina, and Nathan were astonished when they saw Ayrin and Rinloran.

“The Office of Special Affairs gave us a mission. We came here as reinforcements.”

Ayrin scratched his chin as he smiled and continued, “What about you? I thought...

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