Chapter 242: I Will Never Let You Pass Me

Chapter 242: I Will Never Let You Pass Me

“As long as this guy’s defense is broken through, Zorn should be able to easily defeat him, right?”

As Ayrin’s fist thunderously collided with the crane shield protecting Angus’ back, he immediately felt a surge of arcane particles enter his body.

“Not good!”

“Dragon Scale Absorption!”

Right as Ayrin was about to throw out a second punch, a green sphere of ice almost the same size as him abruptly slammed into the side of his body.

Ayrin’s arms crossed before him as he was sent flying several meters back with a bang amidst shards of broken ice.

“This bastard, he called more people over!”

Ayrin grit his teeth as pain traveled up his arms and he saw another mask wearing Green Snake arcane master appear.

However, unlike Black Ripper, this arcane master’s mask was mostly made of metal, with only a couple green crystal streaks embedded within. The amplification abilities of this mask were clearly not as strong.

“Just what kind of monster...

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