Chapter 241: The Tipper of Balance, A Brilliant Performance

Chapter 241: The Tipper of Balance, A Brilliant Performance

“Legendary Evil Dragon King, please bless me with rebirth!”

At this moment, several heart chilling draconic words rang out from within the cluster of black particles which Rinloran had been attacking.


Throughout the battle, countless fire arcane skills had been used, covering the battlefield in flames. But the moment these draconic words rang out, all of the flames inexplicably surged and then instantly dimmed, as if some of the energies of these flames had been stolen away by the draconic words.

“Not good! In the end, he’s managed to reconstruct himself!”

Rinloran’s expression became extremely ugly.

The cluster of black particles and quickly formed a human figure.

As Gaia’s reconstructed flesh appeared amidst his damaged black robes at this moment, Rinloran was finally able to clearly see the face of this former Dragon Breath Academy member and current Evil Dragon Follower.

Gaia’s young face was quite handsome, but his skin was abnormally...

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