Chapter 240: A Fierce Battle, Ayrin’s Resolve

Chapter 240: A Fierce Battle, Ayrin’s Resolve


An explosion suddenly occurred within Gaia’s black robes as his body seemingly collapsed and the black robes abruptly began to fall. The pale white and gray smokes disappeared as countless black particles rapidly spewed out instead and adhered to Gaia’s black robe.

“Careful! This is Evil Dragon Particle Reconstruction! You mustn’t allow any of those black particles touch you, or you might be contaminated!”

As he saw the scene unfolding in his periphery, Zorn, who was currently fighting Steel Ghost Angus immediately shouted a warning towards Ayrin and Rinloran.

“Hmm? You are still able to worry about others?”

“Cursed Thousand Petals!”

Angus smirked as the gray iron longblade in his hands suddenly scattered, turning into thousands of small blades which shot towards Zorn.

Zorn couldn’t dodge as several wounds abruptly appeared across his body.

“Metal Crust!”

Before blood could even begin flowing from his wounds,...

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