Chapter 239: Black Necromancer Gaia, Rui’s True Ability

Chapter 239: Black Necromancer Gaia, Rui’s True Ability

Ayrin felt an immense pressure as a domain suddenly descended over the battlefield.

“This bastard! He still won’t reveal himself!”

“Is this fellow trying to directly take control of our bodies?!”

Thoughts frantically passed through Ayrin’s mind as he failed to discern the position of the owner of this terrifying aura. He watched as clusters of black light flew through the sky like crows and the space around him and Rinloran distorted while an ice cold energy pervaded his body.

His arms and legs began moving, but it was not at his behest. As time continued and the ice cold energy of the domain sank further into his body, even his arcane particles fell out of his control. Everything was in the hands of the unseen enemy arcane master.

“I can’t control myself!”

“No, if it continues like this, both Ayrin and I will die!”

Shock flashed through Rinloran’s eyes as his hands began to glow and he uncontrollably reach for Ayrin’s throat.

The difference in strength was just too great. Rinloran...

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