Chapter 238: The True Enemy Appears!

Chapter 238: The True Enemy Appears!

“Hmm, you want to go defend those two kids? King Bear Zorn, your opponent is me.”

Zorn had barely moved from behind the black golem when an arcane master who also wore metal plate armor appeared before him.

The plates of this arcane master’s armor seemed to be completely fused together and didn’t expose a single bit of his skin. But as one looked closer, one would see that it was actually full of minuscule openings from which arcane particles slowly spread outwards, forming the plates. It was incredibly strange.

Clang clang clang...

As the arcane master spoke, arcane particles surged out from his hands, forming two gray sabers.

“Steel Ghost Angus!”

Zorn’s pupils abruptly shrunk.

A giant bang rang out as an enormous bronze colored hammer about the height of two adults appeared in his hands.


“The Snake’s Four Curses!”

Arcane particles spewed from the palms of the Green Snake arcane master who had been wounded all over...

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