Chapter 237: The Birth of a Combination of Rookies

Chapter 237: The Birth of a Combination of Rookies

“What strong arcane energy fluctuations!”

A look of vigilance emerged on Ayrin’s face as he rapidly retreated. A golden light reminiscent of dazzling dragon scales immediately appeared over his body.

Even Ayrin could sense that this lanky Green Snake arcane master had opened at least four gates.

Facing such a high level arcane master, contemplating conserving arcane particles was akin to suicide. One mistake was all it took for one to lose their life.


The moment the lanky arcane master’s hands pressed onto the head of the giant gray snake, the green crystals on his mask flashed brilliantly as the arcane energy fluctuations around him suddenly became even stronger.

“What the hell is this?!”

Ayrin watched as countless snake-like streaks of green light began to radiate from the giant gray snake’s body and the snake transformed into a green skinned witch.

A surging force instantly swept across half the valley. In the next moment, countless little snakes enveloped...

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