Chapter 235: Reinforcements Arrive, Into Battle

Chapter 235: Reinforcements Arrive, Into Battle

The Southam Demon Forest, also known as the Devil Forest, was located beyond the southernmost tip of the Kingdom of Eiche and home to many ancient demonic beasts.

To get to the Southam Demon Forest, one had to travel through the Deerhorn Mountain Range and the territory of House Tully.

In a certain mountain of the Deerhorn Range, there was a spring. The water which gathered formed a river and flowed through the rest of the range into the Southam Demon Forest. On the two sides of this river, countless cherry tomatoes grew, causing this clear and slow-flowing river to be named the Cherry River.

These bright and vivid cherry tomatoes were delicious and could be sold in many of the southern cities at a high price. However, there was normally no one who came to pick them.

It was because these cherry tomatoes were also the favorite food of many large beasts. Thus, every year, many large monsters and beasts would accidently enter the Kingdom of Eiche while following the river upstream, causing enormous losses.

As a result, only two kinds of people normally entered the Southam Demon Forest. The first kind were those who braved risks in search of opportunities and great rewards by capturing...

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