Chapter 233: A Perfect Opportunity! A Change of Format!

Chapter 233: A Perfect Opportunity! A Change of Format!

“What is this feeling? My breathing is out of control and my blood won’t stop boiling!”

“A war like this, just what will it look like?”

The greatest reason behind the existence of arcane masters was the need for people to defend against the invasion of Evil Dragon Followers. At this moment, Ayrin felt as if a weight had suddenly been placed onto his shoulders. It was a mission he couldn’t run from.

Gatling continued speaking.

“The Evil Dragon Followers’ main campsite has been discovered in the Southam Demon Forest at the end of the Cherry River! You all have been ordered to gather here in the Sacred City to create an illusion of an incoming strike. But in reality, the dragon riders of our Kingdom of Eiche’s nine great families, as well as the entire Southam Demon Corps, began a large scale operation last night. We caught the Evil Dragon Followers off guard and dealt them a great blow! All four of their outer strongholds – the Sawatis Fort, the Valentina Fort, the Blood Shadow Forest Fort, and the Bone Filled Valley Fort – have all...

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