Chapter 231: A Notice for an Inexplicable and Special Meeting

Chapter 231: A Notice for an Inexplicable and Special Meeting

“No wonder he’s considered the Kingdom of Doa’s number one genius. Stingham wasn’t even able to put up a fight. But this isn’t necessarily a bad result? Now that this fellow knows the gap between him and true elites, he will start training harder, right?”

It was currently noontime as Carter walked across a quiet athlete’s village towards Stingham’s room. He was full of hope for the future.

“He still hasn’t started training?”

“He’s still sleeping in?!”

But as Carter went to knock on the door, he suddenly froze in place as a loud snore came from within the room. Upon pushing open the unlocked door, Carter was greeted with the image of a soundly sleeping Stingham. Stingham had covered everything except for his two feet, which hung off the bed, with his blanket. The floor around him was completely littered with bags of empty snacks.

“Stingham! It’s already so late, yet you are still sleeping! Could it be that you feel no shame even after being defeated and casually beaten into an unrecognizable state?”

At this moment, even Carter, who was nicknamed the ‘Kind Teacher’ by students of Holy Dawn Academy, couldn’t endure it any more as...

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