Chapter 230: Stingham After the Match

Chapter 230: Stingham After the Match


A medicinal team quickly stretchered Rinsyi off the stage and into one of the arena’s passageways.

“Ryze, what use is it to go faster? Songat has personally said he doesn’t have any ideas. Even if we bring him to the Office of Special Affairs’ infirmary faster, it won’t change anything,” another medicinal master dejectedly interjected the leader’s cries for urgency.

“Regardless of whether or not he can be saved… there are still facilities and medicines in the infirmary which are not available here. Thus, there is nothing wrong with getting there as fast as possible.” The leading medicinal master had an extremely stern expression on his face as he responded. In his eyes, a genius of Rinsyi’s level was a treasure of the Kingdom of Eiche. No matter what, he had to try his best.

As they conversed amongst themselves, the medicinal team flew through the medical passageway and exited the arena.

A luxurious carriage was stopped not far from the exit of the...

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