Chapter 227: A Sound from Hell

Chapter 227: A Sound from Hell

“It’s Liszt’s secret skill Holy Gate of Life and Ruin Fetters! Two of Holy Dawn Academy’s most powerful skills have found a successor!”

“Ayrin managed to learn Liszt’s Holy Gate of Life?!”

As Ruin Fetters descended towards Rinsyi, several spectators finally determined how Ayrin had managed to produce such an astonishing number of arcane particles and display such a terrifying power with his arcane skill.

“No wonder Ayrin was still using arcane skills after using up so many arcane particles, he knows the secret skill, Holy Gate of Life!” At this moment, such a misconception emerged in many spectators’ minds. [1]

“Holy Gate of Life! He managed to learn Liszt’s Holy Gate of Life!”

A tingle abruptly ran through Rinsyi’s entire body.

Waves of intense dizziness and the pain of his skin being pierced caused him to realize the severity of the situation. He would die if he held anything back!

“Dragon Crystal Storm!”

A sharp invocation burst out from his mouth.

Arcane particles releasing a faint yellow crystal...

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