Chapter 226: Ayrin vs. Rinsyi, A Battle of Geniuses!

Chapter 226: Ayrin vs. Rinsyi, A Battle of Geniuses!

“She didn’t die from the smell, did she?”

Chris and the other Holy Dawn Academy team members sympathetically looked at Megan, who was still motionless and frothing at the mouth as she was carried offstage by the medical team.

“What an unpredictable weirdo,” Dragon Breath Academy’s team members lamented as they forcefully blew their noses.

“Only Rinsyi remains for Golden Stag Academy.”

Many spectators wanted to mock Golden Stag Academy, but no words came out as the stands descended into a very peculiar atmosphere.

This was the mighty team of Golden Stag Academy, where every member would become a dazzling and renowned arcane master even if they joined a famous corps. Yet currently, they were down to their last person against Holy Dawn Academy.

Furthermore, they would be up against Ayrin, who had managed to defeat a powerhouse existence like Megan without a scratch, something even Morgan and Rinsyi likely couldn’t accom...

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