Chapter 225: An Unbelievable Victory, The Ultimate Stinkbomb

Chapter 225: An Unbelievable Victory, The Ultimate Stinkbomb[/expand]


In the stands, many spectators felt a sinister wind blow past them.

An enormous monstrosity emerged from the red light. Its body was completely covered in dark green hairs, except for over its head and back, which were covered in dark red hairs.

This monstrosity looked like a werewolf, as it had a similar skull structure and protruding fangs hanging from its mouth. However, several giant, human skull shaped mounds of flesh grew around its neck, causing a chill to run through the spectators’ hearts.

Clusters of dark gray arcane energy continuously circled around its body as a thick layer of frost appeared atop the stage around it.

“Corpse Ghoul!”

Upon seeing the being created by Megan’s arcane skill, the four House Eclipse Moon arcane masters in the stands began trembling uncontrollably as an intense and burning hatred emerged in their eyes.

This was House Roland’s number one secret...

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