Chapter 224: A Tortoise Appears?

Chapter 224: A Tortoise Appears?

“Even after receiving such a severe wound, Belo still only focused on weakening his opponent… just what has pushed him to refine his blood and fight so hard? He’s not like Chris, who has the desire to complete her father’s dreams behind her…”

In the stands, Liszt rubbed his chin as he quietly thought to himself.


Ayrin stepped out from Holy Dawn Academy’s corner and walked towards the stage. Upon reaching the edge of the stage, he paused for a moment, and then curled his hand into a fist. He felt like his blood was boiling as he loudly shouted, “For victory, Belo has ended up in such a state. I shall not let his sacrifice be in vain, and will defeat Megan!”

“What? Ayrin will be the next on one stage?”

“Ayrin has already recovered from his injuries?”

“He’s the fourth fighter? Why is he not the anchor? Then who is Holy Dawn Academy team’s anchor?”

Upon hearing Ayrin’s loud cries, everyone’s attention turned to him. As the spectators watched him step onto the stage and walk towards the...

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