Chapter 222: Rinsyi’s Mental State, Megan Appears on Stage

Chapter 222: Rinsyi’s Mental State, Megan Appears on Stage

Zouchen felt on the verge of fainting as a bout of dizziness and weakness suddenly spread through his body.

It was the sensation of having lost too much blood.

Yet when he looked at the lacerations on his chest, they didn’t seem to be bleeding too hard.

It seemed as if a portion of the blood within his body had somehow disappeared into thin air.

“What’s going on with Belo’s arms?”

At this moment, cries of shock began rang out from the stands.

A thick layer of bloody plasma had enveloped both of Belo’s arms. The plasma flowed down Belo’s arms to the tips of his fingers and then dripped slowly onto the ground.

“What’s going on?”

Even Audrey and the other Dragon Breath Academy team members couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

“Blood Eater: Life Essence Absorption!”

Morgan’s expression became serious as he explained, “It’s not Belo’s blood, but Zouchen’s blood… Blood Eater: Life Essence Absorption is a taboo skill which only those who possess awakened beastman bloodline can use under the effects...

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