Chapter 220: The Unpredictable Stingham and the Impetuous Belo

Chapter 220: The Unpredictable Stingham and the Impetuous Belo

“Such terrifying arcane energy fluctuations!”

Ayrin’s eyes widened as he saw the entire area above the arena turn golden while Stingham’s body shot into the air.

Seven giant doors of pure gold, each about ten meters tall, suddenly appeared in midair around Stingham.

Golden arcane energy rippled across the top each door like a golden crown, making them look both beautiful and solemn.

A brilliant golden light radiated from each door and slowly converged atop Stingham’s body, causing Stingham’s figure to become blindingly dazzling as it grew larger and larger. It looked like the seven gold doors were giving birth to a god.

“He was actually able to break through my Eternal Nightmare … but it doesn’t matter. How could his arcane skill possibly match all of the residue energies left here?”

Tyrin’s expression remained blank as he raised his head and watched the grand scene occurring in midair.


A single word which only Tyrin himself could hear shot out from his mouth.

Pew pew pew…

All of the glowing clusters...

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