Chapter 219: Supreme Narcissism Takes Effect

Chapter 219: Supreme Narcissism Takes Effect

“True Sight and the ability to meld particles with arcane energy. It’s actually the incredibly rare Green Dragon Bloodline.”

As Morgan subconsciously stood up, Jean Camus couldn’t help but shout out on the other side of the stands.

“Green Dragon Bloodline!”

“This fellow actually has a Green Dragon Bloodline!”

The expressions of Megan and the other Golden Stag Academy team members once again worsened.

“It’s actually the bloodline of the Green Dragon, which possesses the ability of True Sight!”

At this moment, several more knowledgeable figures began crying out in shock, leading to a wave of exclamations across the stands.

“Teacher Carter, what is meant by True Sight?”

Ayrin turned his head and asked Carter, who was beside him.

Ayrin might have been the first person to realize Stingham had a dragon bloodline, but he had no understanding of the innate abilities which a person with a Green Dragon Bloodline would possess.

“True Sight is a high level Green Dragon bloodline ability,” Carter quietly, but quickly explained, “True...

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