Chapter 217: Stingham Makes his Appearance (like an Idiot)!”

Chapter 217: Stingham Makes his Appearance (like an Idiot)!”

“This is…?!”

Warlock Hill’s expression had remained callous this entire time. But at this moment, his eyes suddenly enlarged and shocked flooded his face.

As he was struck by the golden ring of light, Hill felt his energy and strength being sapped out from every single particle of his body.

He felt as if he had been turned into a snowman. His body had weakened to a state where he couldn’t even move, as if every single particle had been frozen.

“What’s going on?!”

“What has happened?!

Cries of shock continuously rang out from the Golden Stag Academy’s portion of the stands.

Time seemed to have stopped atop the stage.

The now giant Moss, as well as Hill, were both completely still.

As golden ring of light remained atop the stage, everyone felt it tug at their mind and spirit.

The expressions of all of Golden Stag Academy’s team members, including Rinsyi and Megan, drastically changed.

“Sacrificial Halo… so this was the plan from the start!”

Ayrin was the first to react.

“It’s Sacrificial Halo!”


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