Chapter 216: Storming Out of the Gates, A Changed Moss

Chapter 216: Storming Out of the Gates, A Changed Moss

The team preparation rooms were quite close to the stands, resulting in a continuous din.

A calm Carter stood in front of the members of the Holy Dawn Academy team, who had varying expressions on their faces.

“Chris will not be participating today. Our lineup against Golden Stag Academy will be as follows, Moss, then Stingham, Belo, Ayrin, and finally Rinloran.”

There wasn’t a single unnecessary word as Carter went straight to the point.

“Chris won’t be fighting?”


Although they already knew Chris wouldn’t be participating, the old Holy Dawn Academy team members still couldn’t help but feel shocked upon hearing Carter’s words.

“Also, while I have placed Rinloran as fifth on our roster, I would like for you all to try and end the match between the four of you,” Not waiting for more cries of shock to ring out, Carter held everyone in his gaze and calmly explained, “Although Rinloran’s speed and agility far surpasses ordinary people and will pose a threat to the members of Golden Stag Academy, he will...

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