Chapter 214: A Night of Anticipation

Chapter 214: A Night of Anticipation

“Such intense arcane energy fluctuations, even I can’t help but tremble. It seems like this year, Rinsyi has mastered an even more powerful taboo skill of House Baratheon.”

It was evening. In the residence of Golden Stag Academy’s team, the team’s vice-captain, “Warlock” Hill muttered to himself as he suddenly stopped gathering arcane particles. An ugly expression emerged on his face.

At the same time, a charming smile emerged on Megan’s face as she playfully juggled five small balls of condensed arcane particles between her fingers. Feeling the strong fluctuations of arcane energy emanating from Rinsyi’s room, she said to herself, “Such terrifying fluctuations, it seems like it is the first of Baratheon’s five taboo arts… I can’t believe you have already become so strong. Ferguillo and Ayrin’s group really must have put a lot of pressure on you eh, for you to remain constantly training in your room. You didn’t even go and watch yesterday’s match containing Dragon Breath Academy or today’s match containing Abel Academy.”

Remnants of the terrifying arcane energy fluctuations...

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