Chapter 213: Terrifying Improvement and Growth of a Blank Slate

Chapter 213: Terrifying Improvement and Growth of a Blank Slate

“In the end, the world of arcane masters is a youngster’s world.” -- The first line of the first page of A Warlock’s Memoir.

“Don’t waste any time, child. Become a Lord before you are thirty, or it is very likely you will never accomplish anything.” – Volume One, Road to Lordship.

For some reason he couldn’t comprehend, these two phrases emerged in Liszt’s mind as he watched Ayrin’ back.

“Indeed, when I am with a little monster like you who has such monstrous learning abilities, even someone like me feels old.” Liszt helplessly shook his head, then lazily stretched.


“It’s already four to three?”

Charlotte, Ivan, and the rest were concentrating on watching the match atop the arena when Ayrin’s voice suddenly rang from behind them.

“What did Liszt call you over for?”

“Deepwood Motte Academy is quite strong this year. The first two participants that Dragon Breath Academy sent up, Angeles and Audrey, were both unable to continue and forced to withdraw after winning their fights due to injury and exhaustion of arcane particles.”

“Right now, Dragon Breath Academy’s Gaskin is fighting against Deepwood Motte Academy’s ‘Mountain Splitting Lord’ Stanford. However, Gaskin...

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