Chapter 212: The Birth of a Kaleidoscope Arcane Master

Chapter 212: The Birth of a Kaleidoscope Arcane Master


Beams of light continuously shot out from the various eyes which dotted the Berserk Elemental Ghost’s face. Each wave of beams contained at least ten, and they were all comprised of incredibly chaotic arcane energies of differing natures. They took all kinds of paths as they approached Liszt from various directions.

“Absolute Seal: Total Boundary!”

As Liszt’s ten fingers danced through the air, the time and space around him seemed to freeze. However, of the numerous beams of differing colours with differing arcane energy properties, the lava-like orange-red beam was still flowing rapidly.

“The fight between these two has already intensified to such an extent. Liszt has been forced to use his Absolute Seal Boundaries!”

Outside of the training room, the members of the Office of Special Affairs’ two arcane teams all felt the change at the same time.

“The arcane energy fluctuations are still so intense!”

“Liszt’s skill actually wasn’t able to completely seal all of the arcane energy! Leonardo is truly deserving of his title of ‘Cocktail Grandmaster’. He can actually merge and create such chaotic arcane energy!”

Snook, the arcane master wearing the strange green crystallic spectacles, took a deep breath as he said, “It seems like he has improved greatly these last few years in the Demon Corps.”

“It’s the Berserk Elemental Ghost!” Armand, the white haired arcane master with asymmetrical eyes coldly said.


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