Chapter 210: Old Enemies

Chapter 210: Old Enemies

“Your Holy Dawn Academy seems to have quite a poor relationship with Golden Stag Academy.”

The leading House Eclipsed Moon arcane master spoke in a most respectful tone, albeit with some difficulty as he wasn’t familiar with speaking the Doraster common language, “As our mortal enemies, House Roland, are also backed by House Baratheon, we currently share a common enemy.”

“Are you going to help us train to defeat Golden Stag Academy?” Ayrin excitedly interrupted.

“……” Ivan, Charlotte, and the rest speechlessly exchanged looks.

Ayrin had an incredible sense when it came to fighting, but he was just too senseless when it came to other matters.

The hatred between the two houses had been brewing for countless generations. After all, the lifelong mission of the members of House Eclipsed Moon and House Roland was to kill and retrieve the heads of as many people from the other house as possible. For members of House Eclipsed Moon to appear before them now, their goal was obviously not something as simple as training Holy Dawn Academy...

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