Chapter 209: The Headhunting Houses

Chapter 209: The Headhunting Houses




A voice full of enthusiasm and fighting spirit rang from behind them. Even without turning their heads, Charlotte, Ferguillo, and the rest knew that it was Ayrin who was approaching them.

“How’s it going? Did you guys also receive news from the Office of Special Affairs?” Ayrin hurriedly blurted as soon as he reached the group of people, “You know, the news that we will be conducting missions to specifically deal with the Evil Dragon followers.”

“We just received the news not too long ago. We have all decided to participate. I assume you are as well?” Ferguillo calmly asked as he looked at Ayrin.

“Haha, you all are indeed brave warriors.” Ayrin excitedly looked at Charlotte, “We will be able to run missions together.”

Charlotte slightly blushed.

“Man, can’t you just hide your feelings, even a little bit? Don’t forget that the rest of us are all single,” Ivan said half-jokingly. He shook his head, “But it’s still too early for you be happy. For such a large-scale operation involving so many arcane teams, you two might not be able to be on the same team even if you want to.”

“Why?” Ayrin became...

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