Chapter 208: Details of a Mission Emerge Before the Match

Chapter 208: Details of a Mission Emerge Before the Match

“Teacher Donna, just what are those fellows from Holy Dawn Academy doing?”

In the residence of River Bend Academy, one of the mainstays of River Bend Academy’s team, Alaina, the girl nicknamed “Girl of Flames,” set down the magazines in her hands. She couldn’t resist asking Donna, “If we encountered Golden Stag Academy’s team, we would definitely formulate and enact a specialized and intense training routine before the fight. Do you think that Holy Dawn Academy’s team can still win this without Rinloran and Chris and the the other members in their current states?”

“The outcome of a fight is never decided by simply the level of the participants.” Donna looked at Alaina and the rest of the doubtful River Bend Academy team members as she continued with a smile, “Don’t forget that before this national tournament, Chris, Ayrin, and Rinloran were completely ignored – everyone believed that Holy Dawn Academy’s results would be the same whether they stepped onto the stage or not. Yet in the end, they have made to where they are now. A strong general has no weak soldiers. Carter,...

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