Chapter 206 Apple Prayer

Chapter 206 Apple Prayer

“Here comes Seagate Academy.”

“Here comes Abel Academy.”

“Is that River Bend Academy?”

Teams appeared one after another inside the rest area as the draw drew near.

“Ayrin, you guys did really great so far, keep up the good work.”

The group from River Bend greeted Ayrin and the others after coming their way.

When Audrey saw the group from River Bend looking very friendly with Holy Dawn, she couldn't help turning to a girl in the group with short hair and clothes looking like those Donna wore: “Eurena, why are you guys so familiar with them?”

“That's a secret for now. You'll find out if we fight them in the grand finals,” the very tomboy-looking Eurena said with a grin.

“Here come Rinsyi and co,” Morgan quietly said just then.

They watched the group from Golden Stag came inside the rest area and sit somewhere all by themselves.

Meanwhile, Dragon Breath, Winterfell, and River Bend were gathered around Holy Dawn Academy, looking very lively.

“What's Stingham doing now?”

Moss and the others saw Stingham constantly mumbling...

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