Chapter 204 Ferguillo's Secret Training

Chapter 204 Ferguillo's Secret Training

Ferguillo stood in a very dark training gym. A dozen war golems lay around him, their broken springs and gears scattered all over the ground.

He panted hard, his arms twitching a little. He'd clearly gone beyond the limits of his stamina. Like slithering earthworms, sweat glided down his somewhat wan skin.

Without a sound, a strange man came out from the shadows. His hair was disheveled, and he wore a white wooden mask over his face. He observed Ferguillo for a moment, then suddenly asked, “Do you know why I made you fight clockwork golems nonstop for the past few days?”

“Because these clockwork golems merely emulate arcane skills. What looks like the power of arcane skills is merely the release of the leftover arcane energy from the magic crystals inside. So I can't use my Mind Reading on them,” Ferguillo said.

“And so?” the strange masked man asked.

“So?” Ferguillo blinked, a little confused by what the strange masked man meant.

The strange masked man...

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