Chapter 203: Secret Deal

Chapter 203: Secret Deal

“Five-three, Holy Dawn Academy wins against Silver Trout Academy!”

They clearly saw what had happened, but in the stands, the students from Holy Dawn and from the other Academies in St. Lauren were all filled with a sense of incredulity.

“We won!”

“We're finally in the last eight!”

It took more than a dozen seconds for the stands to finally erupt.

“This guy, he really did it.”

In the stands, looking at the jubilant Team Holy Dawn, Ivan felt a lump in his throat.

“Charlotte, don't you forget about that thing now,” Wilde suddenly told Charlotte.

“What thing?” Charlotte looked at him, a little baffled. She saw Wilde and the others winking and such, and suddenly understood what these guys were talking about.

“You guys!” Her face flushed red.

Rinsyi left the arena without uttering a single word.

His face wasn't that different from usual, but those familiar with him on Team Golden Stag could feel a dangerous aura coming from him. Hill liked to taunt...

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