Chapter 201 Chris' eruption

Chapter 201 Chris' eruption

“Double KO?”

A sudden silence descended over the arena.

In the field, after being hit twice on the head and then hit by three formidable giant fireballs, Sarina appeared unconscious already.

Meanwhile, Chris' figure had fallen inside a shadow dragon's maws. She was now totally out of sight.

That shadow dragon's head was still tossing about, seemingly chewing

“Can't be, right? Directly chewed and eaten?”

In team Holy Dawn, Stingham suddenly shouted, his eyes wide, “Referees, why are you standing blankly there? Save her right now! Maybe I've been cursing all this time for Chris to lose, but I never cursed her to be directly killed and eaten!”

“What, who the hell is this Holy Dawn guy? He's actually been cursing for his teammate to lose all this time?”

The spectators in the stands suddenly became speechless at Stingham.


Just then, a series of sounds came from the shadow dragon's mouth, like teeth chewing on stone.

A golden metallic glint shone from the shadow dragon's mout...

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