Chapter 200: Basics against bloodline

Chapter 200: Basics against bloodline

Chris started moving at high speed, suddenly enveloped in wild gusts of wind.

The giant shadow dragon was like a huge hawk chasing after a sparrow, but Chris stayed just a hair out of its reach. Its bites never managed to catch her.

“What Chris is using now is Holy Dawn Academy's Windborne Travel.” In the stands, Dragon Breath's captain Morgan's face became even more solemn. “This is another very ordinary skill. She's only relying on Burden Overload right now, relying on having arcane particles one level higher to stay a little faster than Sarina's shadow dragon's attacks. An ordinary person would never dare to stay on the verge of being hit, yet just a fraction enough to stay safe. This Chris is like the most accurate fighting machine, a machine of extreme precision. She's actually dealing with Sarina merely with the most ordinary of skills... I think I have to reassess my opinion of her.”

“There's no strongest skill, there's only skills used in the most appropriate way, skills used in the...

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