Chapter 199: Waves of shadows

Chapter 199: Waves of shadows

Four black curved blades fired from the shadows at Chris, from the front, from the back, from the left and from the right. At the same time, Sarina's figure appeared without a sound not far behind Chris.


What made almost every spectator in the stands exclaim in surprise was, Chris' figure charged at the black curved blade coming in front of her, while she swung her left arm back as though she'd grown eyes on the back of her head. A pillar of fire soared from the ground, striking Sarina with total accuracy.

A “Bang!” exploded in the field.

Wrapped in bandages, Chris' right hand smacked the black curved blade the moment it reached her chest, actually slapping this blade into splashing diagonally past her on her left.

With her left arm lifted toward her back, it looked like this curved blade just happened to pass through the afterimage of her left arm.

This feeling of total control made many participants in the tournament feel a little numb on the scalp.

“It's not the real Sarina!”

But just then,...

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