Chapter 198: A battle between young girls!

Chapter 198: A battle between young girls!


“Chris only has an ordinary human bloodline. She couldn't progress so fast even if she never rests and trains nonstop for twenty hours a day. Three open arcane gates is her limit, it's impossible for her to have four open gates!”

In team Silver Trout, Nolan and Sarina suddenly froze.

The speed of progress was of course limited, depending on your bloodline.

Even for pure dragon bloodlines, opening four arcane gates three years after Awakening was already the limit. In the history of legendary geniuses on Doraster, four open gates in three years was the limit even for monsters who went through continuous battles the moment they were born.

As to ordinary human bloodlines, even when exercising every single day with a training regimen of the highest caliber, three gates in three years was already a speed that was impossible to exceed.

But now, the power of Chris' “Giant Fireball” was definitely not something a three-gate arcane master could match.

“Could she have?”


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