Chapter 197 A mission for you

Chapter 197 A mission for you

“Ayrin, I have a mission for you.”

With a lump in his throat, Carter turned to Ayrin and said, “Let Moss break this stone giant to pieces.”

“Break the giant that's beating him up? Why?” Ayrin asked.

Carter said, “Because this yellow giant is somewhat similar in nature to Charlotte's War Avatar. If we don't get rid of it, then the next member of our team will still have to face this giant.”

Ayrin suddenly understood. “If we break this giant, then does that mean that the opponent will have lost a lot of arcane particles?”

Carter nodded. “Exactly!”


Ayrin immediately leaped up and shouted toward the field at the top of his lungs, “Moss, you moron, show me the same energy you have when I'm beating you up! You idiot, you can only get beaten up and can't even hit back, you have to break this stoneman at least!”

“What are you doing staying sprawled on the ground! Stand up and fight! Even if you have to bite it, you gotta bite it to pieces!”

“Ayrin, you bastard! If you were the one being beaten up like this, could you still stand up?!” the angry Moss silently shouted in his mind.


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