Chapter 196 For the final victory

Chapter 196 For the final victory

Rinloran's figure instantly vanished from Nason's back. A strand of silver light shot through his afterimage and hit the ground. With a swish, it suddenly melted a crater on the hard ground.

“Pew!” “Pew!” “Pew!” …

Whistling sounds followed one another without interruption. On the huge blood-red eye floating in the air, the thirteen dots of silver light constantly shot silver rays, constantly chasing Rinloran's figure.

“What arcane skill is that? Why's it so strange?”

Many people discovered with astonishment that the rays this huge eye shoot fell on Rinloran's figure with complete accuracy, without the need for Nason to control it.

Rinloran was clearly under strain even with his speed. He was already using arcane skills to supplement his dodging motions.

“Is that thing alive?” Ayrin asked. He stared at the huge eye floating in the sky without taking his eyes off.

“It's a product condensed from arcane energy and spiritual strength. It looks like a life form, but of course it's not a life form.” Carter shook his head. “This is House Tully's secret...

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