Chapter 195: Tyrant Eye

Chapter 195: Tyrant Eye

“Shukla's talent with poisons and spiritual strength were entirely stifled... Compared to last year, he even learned a new domain-type taboo skill, but Rinloran still beat him even like that! No wonder the top elven powerhouses during the War of the Dragons could stand toe to toe with the dragons.”

“How's that a weeds-level team!”


“Shukla's really strong.” In team Holy Dawn, while the spectators in the whole arena were marveling at Rinloran's strength, Ayrin was instead looking at Shukla in the field and talking about him.

“You're not talking about how strong Rinloran is, but actually talking about how strong Shukla is. Ayrin, are you crazy?” Moss said, a little speechless.

“That's not it.” Ayrin shook his head. “Rinloran's already this strong, but he still had to pay such a price to block Shukla's counter attack. This Shukla's strength is simply on another level compared to you, Moss.”

“...” Moss: “Ayrin, you're making fun of me again!”

“Listen. Many people in the stands...

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