Chapter 194: A shocking battle

Chapter 194: A shocking battle

In team Holy Dawn, even Carter was totally flabbergasted.

He'd been certain Rinloran was very strong when he saw him charge into the field the last time, but he hadn't expected Rinloran to be this strong either!

“This guy's actually a moonlight swordsman!”

Ivan was also astounded after seeing the crystal-like swords in Rinloran's hands and the cross-shaped wound on Shukla's chest.

“What's a moonlight swordsman?” Charlotte and Wilde and the others immediately asked.

“A group of people in the ancient elven kingdom, the most agile and most expert in sword materialization skills. These people were all top powerhouses guarding the Tree of Life in the ancient elven kingdom.”

Ivan's eyes widened in spite of himself. “Legends say the ancient elven kingdom's moonlight swordsmen were so fast even their own eyes couldn't clearly see their opponents or themselves. But they had a secret skill, called Cross Calibration! After leaving a cross-shaped sword wound on their opponent, then...

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