Chapter 191 Another meeting with greed particles

Chapter 191 Another meeting with greed particles

Early morning.

Having already changed into a brand-new Holy Dawn school uniform, Ayrin stood in a test room, his face brimming with excitement.

Liszt, Songat, and Cana stood in front of him.

After having completed some detailed tests about Ayrin's physical condition, Cana made her final injunctions at Ayrin before he left the infirmary.

“Remember, you've recovered very well, but even if you were to fight with someone, you still can't use arcane skills at the level of a Thunderblaze Wall or a Ruin Fetters. Or else, you might very possibly have to come back here and stay in bed.”

“I understand. Even if I go on stage, I'll definitely control my arcane particles, because staying in bed here is really too boring!” Ayrin loudly promised.

Songat had fished a grilled sausage somewhere from one of his pockets and was nibbling on it while he casually asked with indifference, “Are Carter and you really planning to put him down in the fighting roster?”

“When you're injured, the way to control your...

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