Chapter 189: Joining the team!

Chapter 189: Joining the team!

“Rinloran actually...”

Everyone in team Holy Dawn was totally dumbstruck.

“The elven bloodline's Blood Vow! Only people with high-level even blood can invoke this Blood Vow!”

“This guy from Holy Dawn Academy, it's not only his appearance that looks like a high-level elf, he really has a high-level elven bloodline!”

“What's the relationship between him and Nikita? Why did he rush into the field?”

In such a chaos, Charlotte and Ivan and the others were also shocked speechless in the stands.

“Charlotte, even if Rinloran and Nikita were in the same kind of relationship as you and Ayrin, it's still too impulsive of him to rush like that into the field, don't you think so?” Wilde couldn't stop himself from whispering.

“What the hell are you saying about me and Ayrin!” Charlotte would definitely have scolded him usually. But now, looking at Rinloran standing in the field, Charlotte thought Rinloran seemed to be burning with an invisible fire. “This guy......

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