Chapter 188: Blood Vow

Chapter 188: Blood Vow

“What skill is he going to use now?”

In team Golden Stag, the cold-faced Hill stared at Rinsyi without a blink, without dissimulating in the least his hostility and his loathing. “Rinsyi, are you now finally forced to use your hidden strength?”

Blood dripped down from Rinsyi's wounds.

Each drop that dripped to the ground became a dense purple fog rising in the air.

Rinsyi seemed to start a quick chant at the same time, but no one could hear his voice.

A curtain of black light suddenly appeared in front of him, like a giant gate slowly creaking open.

“What's that!”

All the spectators in the stands couldn't help but gasp.

A figure about the same size as the Snow Bear emerged from the black light.

It looked like a tall man wearing a tattered arcane robe and radiating a vague and putrid aura. His skin, or what was visible of it, was entirely covered in scales. A similarly tattered pair of dragon wings grew on his back. The shocking thing was that his head was a skull, a formless mass of arcane particles revolving around it. He even radiated a pure, unadulterated dragon aura!

“Zombie Dragon Reincarnation!”

At this instant, even Warlock Hill became flustered. He swore out loud, “Rinsyi, you freak, you even managed...

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