Chapter 187: Rinloran's anxiety

Chapter 187: Rinloran's anxiety

“He actually launched an arcane skill even in such a tense atmosphere. This idiot.”

“Being expelled serves him right! If he tries something so outrageous again, he'll probably be permanently banned from watching these matches.”

A hubbub of swearing rose in the stands after Stingham was punished to leave the arena.

“That fly... We can finally have some peace.”

Several members of team Golden Stag sneered after the two arcane masters led the crestfallen Stingham away,

In the field, Rinsyi and Sophia both momentarily paused, but the fight between the two of them hadn't been interrupted.

Stingham swept his cold glance at Stingham as the latter was being expelled from the field. Then he looked back at Sophia and said, cold and detached, “Even like this, as long as I'm here, victory is still an unattainable dream for all of you.”

“Rinsyi, you're really full of crap... You're even chattier than a girl, no wonder everyone dislikes you,” Sophia suddenly said with a smile.

Rinsyi's face froze.


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