Chapter 186: The expelled Stingham

Chapter 186: The expelled Stingham

When dazzling pillars of light piercing the sky suddenly appeared around Sophia, Chris looked at Carter and studiously asked him, “Teacher Carter, is that Angel Summoning, one of the strongest skill in Agate Lake Academy?”

“Indeed.” Carter was obviously taken aback as well. “This is Angel Summoning, the skill that can burn away part of the power from the opponent's skill, and also disturb their nerves and make them feel as though their nerves are on fire!”

“Sophia was still specialized in remote attacks last year. I didn't think she'd make such a breakthrough this year.” Chris looked at Sophia and firmly brandished her small fist. Every strong opponent was progressing at a dazzling speed. The conviction that she couldn't let herself relax even for a second became even stronger.

In the field, Rinsyi's eyes faintly shrank.

His slightly lifted his hands. More than a dozen flows of arcane particles gushed from them. Strips of faint blue light started appearing around him at the same time, like thorns growing all around him.

“This is Stormy Brambles, a secret skill of House Baratheon's bloodline. Not only it can partly defend against...

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